Friday, November 20, 2009

Sorry for not posting much lately

Sorry that neither of us has posted consistently lately, we will try to post way more often now.

Right now (Kristie) I have a paper due on Balloon Boy, after I turn it in I will post it so you can see if you agree with my opinion of the issue, until then I will probably talk about New Moon, and our life (don’t worry I wont give away the movie, okay I might talk about one seen I was mad they cut that was suppose to be in the movie but other then that I wont spoil it.) After that though we want to try and post about a few important issues though too.

Oh this is totally random but has anyone noticed how blogger has gotten rid of spell check so now I have to put this in word to spell check it which is totally annoying.

xoxo Misty

steal, the, night, tonight Kristie

Listen to: Cash Cash by Cash Cash

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