Monday, November 23, 2009

I wish my Nightmare was real

My cat has been missing for a month, and I miss her terribly. I believe she is a live but I am starting to doubt she will ever come back. Right before Halloween my little brother let my cat out because she was puking and she just disappeared with out a trace with the only two possibilities, an animal got her or someone thought she was a stray and took her. I do not think an animal got her or I would have heard or found her, plus the coyotes do not come back here until the summer, so ya I believe someone took her who lives farish away so she can not get back here. I made missing posters but as I live in Washington and it rains all winter long I needed them laminated so the ink would not run, I asked my mom to go to Office Depot and laminate them but she never did, and I can not drive so I could not do it myself (me not being taught how to drive is a frequent argument between me and my mom.) Last night I had a dream that I was outside with my three cats (April, Diva, and my cat that is missing Nige Niges) well I was standing in the orchard and there were all right by be, then Diva and Nige Niges ran off into the woods and I went a few feet into the woods but I could not see them and I did not want to follow the deer path ahead farther into the woods so I sat on the pile of wood and waited with my cat April then Nige Niges comes walking throw the trees and I am really happy but then three other cats come out Diva, then two other cats one that identical to Diva, and one that is Identical to Nige Niges. Well for the most of the rest of the dream, I have to figure out what cat is the real Diva and what cat is the real Nige Niges while something is chasing and try to kill me. Anyway in the dream I run to the patio and in the last second figure out which cats are the real cats and I grad them throw them in the house and run in and pull the door closed, and right as I pull the door closed the thing slams against the door trying to get in. Then something else happened but I can not remember what but I wish my nightmare had been real because at least I would have Nige Niges here again.

not, one, ofda, boys Kristie

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