Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A gay guy kisses another guy what a shocker...not

Hey I am a little worried our recent posts are getting a little too controversial so if you think they are please tell us okay, and if you think me just saying (well writing I guess) that sounded utterly crazy tell us that too.

In my dream I am in a mall in Tokyo, me and my friend spilt up for the day, I am just walking along texting, when a women comes up to ask me were a store is in English, she makes me uncomfortable but I brush the feeling off and tell her ,then a blonde guy around my age comes up behind me and the both grabbed me, I scream help, fire, rape, call 911 over and over again but nobody helps me because they don’t know what I am saying because it is in English. I am put on a bus with a bunch of other kidnapped kids aroundish my age, my friend is there too, I am put between her and an around 13 year old boy with long shoulder length brown hair, who turns out to be Bass Hunters son. They are going to hold us all for ransom. Then I hear Kristie wake up Adam Lambert is on CBS. Huh what. Adam Lambert is on T.V. I sit up half a wake. It is my mum. Adam Lambert is on T.V. he is going to sing sometime on the show. I bolt out of bed, heck screw that I am really really sick someone just said Adam Lambert. I miss the first 5-10 minutes of the show so I miss hearing about the AMA awards. They cut that part of the AMA's on the west cost so I did not see it (not like I watch the AMA's anyway so I guess it does not matter.) I watched CBS he was as super hot as usual, I liked both songs, but I liked one a lot better then the other I think the one out of the two I like best was called Music Again. So then later I watched Hoda and Cathy Lee, and it had the AMA video on it but it was blurred and I was like I have to find the unedited version of this, so I went on YouTube but all the videos had been removed so I used the amazing Google and I finally found one video (not the best quality but it is definitely better then nothing.) So I watched it and my thoughts were OMB so much controversy over this how dumb, Lady GaGa does more sexual crap on stage then this, same with Brittany and Madonna, and Shakira, and Ciara and the list goes on and on. For the fact that he tongued on guy on stage who cares he is gay, I am sick and tired of in real life and on T.V. how it is fine for girls to make out with girls but God forbid a guy does it everyone drops down dead, or whines there heads off. Plus I am glad he did not apologize because it would have been a faux apology if he did. So I guess the final thing I have to say on this is let Adam do what he wants he is no worse then little miss Lady GaGa.

For those have not seen the video here is the link:

Have, a, happy, Thanksgiving Kristie

Listen to: Fever by Adam Lambert

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