Sunday, November 29, 2009

12 steps to help cramps

Misty found something really cool on the internet and sent it to me, it is 12 thing you can do to relieve cramps.

1. Swimming is one of the least stressful and most helpful, of exercises that can be done. Exercising releases endorphins, which are your bodies own natural painkiller.

2. Put heat to where it hurts. Use a hot water bottle or heating pad on your abdomen or lower back. Heat increases blood flow and circulation to your uterus and may help reduce cramping.

3. Putting an ice pack on your abdomen for fifteen to twenty minutes can also bring some relief. The cold constricts blood vessels, which can help with cramping as well.

4. Have a look at calcium. Calcium aids in relief from cramps. Between 800 milligrams and 1,300 milligrams a day for mild to sever cramps.

5. Keeping active, even by just moving around can help you take your mind off cramps all together.

6. Yoga can provide a great amount of relief. Sit on the floor with your back straight, and bend over your knees while keeping them as close to the floor as you can. Bring your feet together, heal to heal, making a diamond shape with your legs. Keep your back straight and breath in, slowly bend forward as you exhale. Breath in and then straighten. Bend forward again as you exhale. Do this several times, and feel yourself sink lower each time to breath out. Feel better yet?

7. Drinking tea, warm milk and chocolate have always been considered strong associates to comfort.

8. curling up in a ball always helps. Sit back so that your bottom rests on your heels, bend forward and rest your chest on your thighs, and wrap your arms around your knees.

9. Breath normal for a few minutes, or as long as comfortable.

10. Honey has natural pain relievers and when a few large spoonfuls are added to some hot water, it can help bring relief. Take a warm, relaxing bath to help relieve muscles and cramps. Add into a bath of warm water, one cup of sea salt and one cup of baking soda. Soak in mixture for around twenty minutes.

11. For those who tend to retain water during their period, alcohol is not a good idea, it may add to the problem. Try to limit your self two a drink or two.

12. You can always take a Midol, Advil, aspirin or other pain reliever to help ease the pain and discomfort.

I have not tried all of these yet but I really hope they help.

xoxo Misty

every, body, needs, love Kristie

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Down The Rabbit Hole by Adam Lambert song lyrics (yes I am talking about Adam Lambert again)

I have been so sick all week and I have nothing to talk about wait I kind of do but I will have to write that later. Oh and one more semi random thing I spend too much money on Adam Lambert stuff. My motto is, I luv music but no music is worth paying for and if you try hard enough you can find it for free (the last cd I bought was eight years ago). I bought the Adam Lambert cd though and tonight I tried to find his song Down The Rabbit Hole for free for hours but I can not so I am thinking of buying that too. Then there was the AI tickets last summer one for me and one for my mum because I needed someone to drive me to Tacoma wish I had enough money to buy Misty one but I am definitely very far from being rich. Then there was the Adam Lambert T-shirt I bought at the concert and the list goes on but I won’t bore you, Oh and I spend to much on Twilight stuff too but I won’t even go into that.

I personally like knowing the lyrics to songs I listen to so I go on the internet to look up the lyrics, but I could not find the complete and non guessed at lyrics to the song Down The Rabbit Hole by Adam Lambert, this is all I found:

Break out all the mechanical
Step right up to the freaky and tangible
Hands uncuffed, take the leash on this animal
If it’s getting hyphy hit me with _____?
Slip right into your stripper shoes
Roll the dice, I got snake eyes and déjà vu
Poppin off _________ with ballyhoo?
Tune in (tune in)
Turn on (turn on)
Drop out

Going down the rabbit hole
Get away from all we know
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me
Going down the rabbit hole
Even hoes and gigolos
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me

Quick slow high or low
You’re never gonna know for sure
See in stereo
Down the rabbit hole

Catnip and honey, teatime and all over town
(all over town, all over town)
houses of candy, build ‘em up and then burn them down
(burn em down, just burn em down)
it melts in your face and not in your arm??
It starts in the bass and it ends in the crystal ball

Going down the rabbit hole
Get away from all we know
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me
Going down the rabbit hole
Even hoes and gigolos
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me

Disco rodeo
My kaleidoscope
Cleopatra knows
What's down the rabbit hole
Going down the rabbit hole
Get away from all we know
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me
Going down the rabbit hole
Even hoes and gigolos

Come on, follow
Come on and follow me
Quick slow high or low
You’re never gonna know for sure
See in stereo
Down the rabbit hole

So ya I wish the song lyrics would come out. Ug this post is like Seinfeld, it's about nothing but I can not post something I want to say till later on.

Adam, Lambert, is, hot Kristie (hey give me a break it is 12:00 I could not think of four create words right now)

Listen to: Down The Rabbit Hole by Adam Lambert (I probably should put I different song but oh well)

P.S. It is a really good song you should listen to it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jackson Rathbone VS. Jesse McCartney

Dance, all, night,long Kristie
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon spoof

All you Twilight fans out there, you will luv this spoof.


Kill, the, lights, tonight Kristie

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A gay guy kisses another guy what a shocker...not

Hey I am a little worried our recent posts are getting a little too controversial so if you think they are please tell us okay, and if you think me just saying (well writing I guess) that sounded utterly crazy tell us that too.

In my dream I am in a mall in Tokyo, me and my friend spilt up for the day, I am just walking along texting, when a women comes up to ask me were a store is in English, she makes me uncomfortable but I brush the feeling off and tell her ,then a blonde guy around my age comes up behind me and the both grabbed me, I scream help, fire, rape, call 911 over and over again but nobody helps me because they don’t know what I am saying because it is in English. I am put on a bus with a bunch of other kidnapped kids aroundish my age, my friend is there too, I am put between her and an around 13 year old boy with long shoulder length brown hair, who turns out to be Bass Hunters son. They are going to hold us all for ransom. Then I hear Kristie wake up Adam Lambert is on CBS. Huh what. Adam Lambert is on T.V. I sit up half a wake. It is my mum. Adam Lambert is on T.V. he is going to sing sometime on the show. I bolt out of bed, heck screw that I am really really sick someone just said Adam Lambert. I miss the first 5-10 minutes of the show so I miss hearing about the AMA awards. They cut that part of the AMA's on the west cost so I did not see it (not like I watch the AMA's anyway so I guess it does not matter.) I watched CBS he was as super hot as usual, I liked both songs, but I liked one a lot better then the other I think the one out of the two I like best was called Music Again. So then later I watched Hoda and Cathy Lee, and it had the AMA video on it but it was blurred and I was like I have to find the unedited version of this, so I went on YouTube but all the videos had been removed so I used the amazing Google and I finally found one video (not the best quality but it is definitely better then nothing.) So I watched it and my thoughts were OMB so much controversy over this how dumb, Lady GaGa does more sexual crap on stage then this, same with Brittany and Madonna, and Shakira, and Ciara and the list goes on and on. For the fact that he tongued on guy on stage who cares he is gay, I am sick and tired of in real life and on T.V. how it is fine for girls to make out with girls but God forbid a guy does it everyone drops down dead, or whines there heads off. Plus I am glad he did not apologize because it would have been a faux apology if he did. So I guess the final thing I have to say on this is let Adam do what he wants he is no worse then little miss Lady GaGa.

For those have not seen the video here is the link:

Have, a, happy, Thanksgiving Kristie

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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon midnight showing: part two

THERE WAS NO CARLISLE'S ASS IN NEW MOON. Again you are probably like what the heck are you talking about (well some might actually know but anywho) and again I will explain. My friend who I went to see New Moon with, she told me more then a few times that there was suppose to be a naked seen with Carlisle and the Voltri and they were suppose to show Carlisle's ass. Well we watched the movie and it was not in there. I and another friend started complaining because she promised Carlisles ass. Then she said she was telling the truth. Then she showed me the story, on and she was right, it said there was suppose to be a seen like that in the movie. She was so mad it got cut she said she was going too blow up the MTV building. Then I started to pretend to be a news reporter, and in my best serious boy accent I said, Yesterday night a young sixteen year old girl named Maia blow up the MTV building because they claimed Carislisle's ass would be in New Moon but it was not because apparently the seen got cut, there will be updates on this story on king 5 news 11 at 11.

You know what was extremely weird and I think also think is child abuse, is bring a baby to a midnight showing of a movie. Okay so we were watching the movie Taylor came on screen everyone screamed in delight. Then I whispered to Maia, Taylorrrrrr is so hot. Then she whispered I know isn’t he. Then the forty year old guy infront of her turned around and taped my foot really hard and said that we need to be quiet because we would wake up the baby (and that was the first time we said anything too), then I leaned forward to look and sure enough the woman sitting next to him and behind me had around a six month year old baby in her arms. Then my other friend whispered who in the hell would bring a baby to the midnight showing of New Moon, and I told her I totally agree. We were not talking loud or anything either we were whispering really quietly. The only time I said anything even above a really quit whisper (and way later) was when "somebody" said to me we can do Taylor at the same time and I said there is no way I would ever have a threesome with you and Taylor let alone with two hot guys let alone at all, but that was because I was surprised and kind of forgot to whisper and to not talk, but even that was quiet, and plus people all around the theater were talking through the whole movie. One of the three people I went to see the movie with is a bi guy and the weird thing is, is he hates twilight you think he would like because there’s hot guys in it (Taylor, Carlisle, the wolf pack, etc.) and hot girls (Kristen, Alice, Victoria.)

I or Misty might add a New Moon midnight showing: part three, but I am not sure. Also the next post will probably be about the two of us hanging out, not sure exactly about that either though.

dance, to, the, music Kristie

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I wish my Nightmare was real

My cat has been missing for a month, and I miss her terribly. I believe she is a live but I am starting to doubt she will ever come back. Right before Halloween my little brother let my cat out because she was puking and she just disappeared with out a trace with the only two possibilities, an animal got her or someone thought she was a stray and took her. I do not think an animal got her or I would have heard or found her, plus the coyotes do not come back here until the summer, so ya I believe someone took her who lives farish away so she can not get back here. I made missing posters but as I live in Washington and it rains all winter long I needed them laminated so the ink would not run, I asked my mom to go to Office Depot and laminate them but she never did, and I can not drive so I could not do it myself (me not being taught how to drive is a frequent argument between me and my mom.) Last night I had a dream that I was outside with my three cats (April, Diva, and my cat that is missing Nige Niges) well I was standing in the orchard and there were all right by be, then Diva and Nige Niges ran off into the woods and I went a few feet into the woods but I could not see them and I did not want to follow the deer path ahead farther into the woods so I sat on the pile of wood and waited with my cat April then Nige Niges comes walking throw the trees and I am really happy but then three other cats come out Diva, then two other cats one that identical to Diva, and one that is Identical to Nige Niges. Well for the most of the rest of the dream, I have to figure out what cat is the real Diva and what cat is the real Nige Niges while something is chasing and try to kill me. Anyway in the dream I run to the patio and in the last second figure out which cats are the real cats and I grad them throw them in the house and run in and pull the door closed, and right as I pull the door closed the thing slams against the door trying to get in. Then something else happened but I can not remember what but I wish my nightmare had been real because at least I would have Nige Niges here again.

not, one, ofda, boys Kristie

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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon midnight showing: Part one

Willy Wonka + Armand = ARO

I will never address Aro's character as Aro again from hence forth I will call him Mr. Willy Wonka Armand. Right now you are probably like what the heck are you crazy, that does not even make sense, well let me explain, and it will make sense... hopefully. Well I went to see the mid-night showing of New Moon last night with a couple friends (I will try not to give much away okay) I will talk more about it later but I want this post to be all about Aro. Anyway when it came to the Voltri part Aro was defanently creepy his emotion changed like every five seconds. I whispered to my friend God, and I thought Armand was creepy in Interview With The Vampire. Also Aro wants Bella and Edward the way Armand wants Louis and Lestat. :] Then Aro was just all over the place with his conversation and facial expressions (me and my friend could not follow the conversation at all because he was being so confusing.) I swear he was going to start skipping and killing people at the same time. Then I whispered to my other friend doesn’t he remind you of Willy Wonka and she was like, ya he really does, Jane must be an ompa loompa then. So that is why hence forth Aro will be called Mr. Willy Wonka Armand by me.

Oh ya Misty is going to see New Moon today with her sister so she has not seen it yet.

Run, its, the, Voltri Kristie

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Sorry for not posting much lately

Sorry that neither of us has posted consistently lately, we will try to post way more often now.

Right now (Kristie) I have a paper due on Balloon Boy, after I turn it in I will post it so you can see if you agree with my opinion of the issue, until then I will probably talk about New Moon, and our life (don’t worry I wont give away the movie, okay I might talk about one seen I was mad they cut that was suppose to be in the movie but other then that I wont spoil it.) After that though we want to try and post about a few important issues though too.

Oh this is totally random but has anyone noticed how blogger has gotten rid of spell check so now I have to put this in word to spell check it which is totally annoying.

xoxo Misty

steal, the, night, tonight Kristie

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alex Evans VS. Taylor Lautner

We decided evey once in a something we would put up pics of two guys and you would tell us which one you think is hotter. Today it is Alex Evans VS. Taylor Lautner.

xoxo Misty

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Cirque Du Freak

I went to see cirque du freak on Sunday. It was good but what I thought would happen did not, see I luvv reading a lot but I had never heard of the series before so thus I had never read the books, and I did not want to Google what happens because I wanted it to be a surprise. For starters I thought Steve would get all pissy Darren was a vampire but then they would be friends again, then Darren would turn him, so I was surprised when Steve went all evil vampireo that was against Darren. Oh and I thought who ever played Darren was totally gorgeous but a little feminine not like that that matters, I like Adam Lambert for Gods sake. The thing I liked about Steve was his purple vampire eyes definitely way better then Mr. Edward Cullens brown ones... I am probably going to get killed for saying that arent I. My favorite character in the movie though was the adult vampire because he was the funniest, I thought it was funny when he said you do not have to kill your food by draining all the blood, like a little piggy, it was just so funny because of the way he said it and his face expression. Also I was surprised they left the movie with a total cliff hanger, makes me hope they will make a sequel though.

run, its, a, vampire Kristie

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