Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon midnight showing: part two

THERE WAS NO CARLISLE'S ASS IN NEW MOON. Again you are probably like what the heck are you talking about (well some might actually know but anywho) and again I will explain. My friend who I went to see New Moon with, she told me more then a few times that there was suppose to be a naked seen with Carlisle and the Voltri and they were suppose to show Carlisle's ass. Well we watched the movie and it was not in there. I and another friend started complaining because she promised Carlisles ass. Then she said she was telling the truth. Then she showed me the story, on and she was right, it said there was suppose to be a seen like that in the movie. She was so mad it got cut she said she was going too blow up the MTV building. Then I started to pretend to be a news reporter, and in my best serious boy accent I said, Yesterday night a young sixteen year old girl named Maia blow up the MTV building because they claimed Carislisle's ass would be in New Moon but it was not because apparently the seen got cut, there will be updates on this story on king 5 news 11 at 11.

You know what was extremely weird and I think also think is child abuse, is bring a baby to a midnight showing of a movie. Okay so we were watching the movie Taylor came on screen everyone screamed in delight. Then I whispered to Maia, Taylorrrrrr is so hot. Then she whispered I know isn’t he. Then the forty year old guy infront of her turned around and taped my foot really hard and said that we need to be quiet because we would wake up the baby (and that was the first time we said anything too), then I leaned forward to look and sure enough the woman sitting next to him and behind me had around a six month year old baby in her arms. Then my other friend whispered who in the hell would bring a baby to the midnight showing of New Moon, and I told her I totally agree. We were not talking loud or anything either we were whispering really quietly. The only time I said anything even above a really quit whisper (and way later) was when "somebody" said to me we can do Taylor at the same time and I said there is no way I would ever have a threesome with you and Taylor let alone with two hot guys let alone at all, but that was because I was surprised and kind of forgot to whisper and to not talk, but even that was quiet, and plus people all around the theater were talking through the whole movie. One of the three people I went to see the movie with is a bi guy and the weird thing is, is he hates twilight you think he would like because there’s hot guys in it (Taylor, Carlisle, the wolf pack, etc.) and hot girls (Kristen, Alice, Victoria.)

I or Misty might add a New Moon midnight showing: part three, but I am not sure. Also the next post will probably be about the two of us hanging out, not sure exactly about that either though.

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  1. Carlisle is so so gorgous even though he is older. I have not heard the song We Be Burnin in forever, I liked listening to it on youtube again.