Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon midnight showing: Part one

Willy Wonka + Armand = ARO

I will never address Aro's character as Aro again from hence forth I will call him Mr. Willy Wonka Armand. Right now you are probably like what the heck are you crazy, that does not even make sense, well let me explain, and it will make sense... hopefully. Well I went to see the mid-night showing of New Moon last night with a couple friends (I will try not to give much away okay) I will talk more about it later but I want this post to be all about Aro. Anyway when it came to the Voltri part Aro was defanently creepy his emotion changed like every five seconds. I whispered to my friend God, and I thought Armand was creepy in Interview With The Vampire. Also Aro wants Bella and Edward the way Armand wants Louis and Lestat. :] Then Aro was just all over the place with his conversation and facial expressions (me and my friend could not follow the conversation at all because he was being so confusing.) I swear he was going to start skipping and killing people at the same time. Then I whispered to my other friend doesn’t he remind you of Willy Wonka and she was like, ya he really does, Jane must be an ompa loompa then. So that is why hence forth Aro will be called Mr. Willy Wonka Armand by me.

Oh ya Misty is going to see New Moon today with her sister so she has not seen it yet.

Run, its, the, Voltri Kristie

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