Sunday, November 29, 2009

12 steps to help cramps

Misty found something really cool on the internet and sent it to me, it is 12 thing you can do to relieve cramps.

1. Swimming is one of the least stressful and most helpful, of exercises that can be done. Exercising releases endorphins, which are your bodies own natural painkiller.

2. Put heat to where it hurts. Use a hot water bottle or heating pad on your abdomen or lower back. Heat increases blood flow and circulation to your uterus and may help reduce cramping.

3. Putting an ice pack on your abdomen for fifteen to twenty minutes can also bring some relief. The cold constricts blood vessels, which can help with cramping as well.

4. Have a look at calcium. Calcium aids in relief from cramps. Between 800 milligrams and 1,300 milligrams a day for mild to sever cramps.

5. Keeping active, even by just moving around can help you take your mind off cramps all together.

6. Yoga can provide a great amount of relief. Sit on the floor with your back straight, and bend over your knees while keeping them as close to the floor as you can. Bring your feet together, heal to heal, making a diamond shape with your legs. Keep your back straight and breath in, slowly bend forward as you exhale. Breath in and then straighten. Bend forward again as you exhale. Do this several times, and feel yourself sink lower each time to breath out. Feel better yet?

7. Drinking tea, warm milk and chocolate have always been considered strong associates to comfort.

8. curling up in a ball always helps. Sit back so that your bottom rests on your heels, bend forward and rest your chest on your thighs, and wrap your arms around your knees.

9. Breath normal for a few minutes, or as long as comfortable.

10. Honey has natural pain relievers and when a few large spoonfuls are added to some hot water, it can help bring relief. Take a warm, relaxing bath to help relieve muscles and cramps. Add into a bath of warm water, one cup of sea salt and one cup of baking soda. Soak in mixture for around twenty minutes.

11. For those who tend to retain water during their period, alcohol is not a good idea, it may add to the problem. Try to limit your self two a drink or two.

12. You can always take a Midol, Advil, aspirin or other pain reliever to help ease the pain and discomfort.

I have not tried all of these yet but I really hope they help.

xoxo Misty

every, body, needs, love Kristie

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  1. Sounds helpful...Maybe i'll give some of these a shot!=]