Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cirque Du Freak

I went to see cirque du freak on Sunday. It was good but what I thought would happen did not, see I luvv reading a lot but I had never heard of the series before so thus I had never read the books, and I did not want to Google what happens because I wanted it to be a surprise. For starters I thought Steve would get all pissy Darren was a vampire but then they would be friends again, then Darren would turn him, so I was surprised when Steve went all evil vampireo that was against Darren. Oh and I thought who ever played Darren was totally gorgeous but a little feminine not like that that matters, I like Adam Lambert for Gods sake. The thing I liked about Steve was his purple vampire eyes definitely way better then Mr. Edward Cullens brown ones... I am probably going to get killed for saying that arent I. My favorite character in the movie though was the adult vampire because he was the funniest, I thought it was funny when he said you do not have to kill your food by draining all the blood, like a little piggy, it was just so funny because of the way he said it and his face expression. Also I was surprised they left the movie with a total cliff hanger, makes me hope they will make a sequel though.

run, its, a, vampire Kristie

listen to: I Wanna Love You by The Maine

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