Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass

This week you all know, if you watch Gossip Girl, the notorious Chuck Bass kissed another boy, well before I watched this weeks episode I was on a Gossip Girl sneak preview site and they seriously made it sound like Chuck and this guy were going to have a huge make out session on the show and there were even rumors that in the episode Chuck actually went gay for this boy, which I did not believe because Chuck and Blaire will stay together, yes they will probably break up for about two episodes but they will stay together for there long run, I think. Anyway I showed what I saw to Misty and she thought Chuck was going to make out with this guy too. So when I saw the show on Monday I was a little surprised that it was only a 1 second kiss, after all the fuss. Anyway I really liked it when Chuck said "I’m upset because I kissed someone who wasn’t you. Do you think I’ve never kissed a guy before?" It was so cute because it proves how much his character loves Blaire's character.

xoxo Misty

say, what, you, mean Kristie

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