Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing Misty and Kristie

We know we have already done a few posts already but we think we should kind of formally introduce our blog, you know tell what we will write about stuff like that.

We are going to write about what we think on things, or stuff happening in our live, or things we find interesting, basically what is ever on our minds. We will try not to be a couple of bitchy teens, we want to entertain you, we also really want your opion on things.

You are probably wondering what it is like to live in Forks. I bet you probably picture two girls exactly like Bella too, or maybe not.

First of all we are not like Bella at all except well were both brunettes. Oh ya and my clumsiness (Kristie.) I would like to kiss Jacob though, he he. We are both Twilight fans. I personally loved the book and the movie but I liked the book a lot more. I think in the movie the ruined the prom seen. Also if you are going to buy twilight stuff buy it at Hot Topic it is the cheapest there. The Quileute Res is also not exactly in Forks it is a little way away from Forks right on the ocean. I was going to tell you guys how Forks and the Quileute Reservation got it's name but I decided not too because I do not think you guys want a history lesson. Yes it is true Forks is really rainy but I guess you guys probably figured that out on your own. Hum what should I say about Forks I guess I can not think of much to say right now. Think if you have lived in Portland, Seattle, even L.A., New York, or Paris (France not Texas, I am not a hick) your whole life and someone asked "what is it like living in Seattle" I bet you could only think of a few things to say because you have lived there your whole life and your used to it. Forks is pretty that's for sure, there is the forests and water, and sunsets that are not blocked by smog. When it got like over 100 degrees, Misty showed me this stop by the water by were I live that was public property but I did not know was there (so we could go swimming the next day, I do not have a pool, tear, tear) anyway we sat on the ledge that over looked the water and it was so pretty because it was almost night and the remainder of the sun reflected off the water and the land across from us was a dark shadow that made the water stand out even more, oh God I sound either poetic or lesbiany. Okay anyway I thought it was really pretty and I was like this would such a good place to right. Then Misty was like ya it would if you did not drop your stuff in the water, and I was like ya knowing me I probably would. Anyway too some it up were two normal girls writing about Forks and our life. Here is a little info on us that is not on our profile, by the way as far as we know right now we are not going to put pictures of us or our friends up because we do not want any creepers stalking us.

Kristie: I like Chinese food, reading, (fantasy mostly, I loved vampires before twilight, do not get me wrong I love the Twilight series and it has given our town an economical boom which is good especially in this economy) my friends, T.V. shows, Chuck, Moonlight, Ugly Betty, Ouran Host Club, old sitcoms, Gossip Girls, Vampire diaries when it comes out :] , my kitty cats, music, writing, blogging, Myspace, and getting my nails done.


well by for now

xoxo Misty

Pop, Lock, Drop it, Never give up Kristie

listen to: She's So Lovely By Scouting For Girls

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