Monday, August 24, 2009

I found Jesus... in a bag of Cheetos

Hey it is me Kristie, it is just going to be me writing for a little while, because were not hangin out at my house right now, and I forgot to give her my E-mail password, do not worry I will remember to give it to her so she can blog too.

Okay you probably figured this out yourself I did not take those pictures I am just telling you that for legal reasons. Do not want to get in trouble for stealing someones cred. I bet you have seen it a million times on the news, " Jesus has appeared on my door" " I have found a Cheeto that is Jesus" blah blah blah and so on and so forth. I personally think they make it up, and it is total bull, and they say that so they can sell it for money, considering right after they find it the get it on the news then sell it on e-bay. Also they could be anyone not just Jesus, but they usually look like nothing I think. So what is you opion on Jesus Cheetos.

truth, luck, courage, fun Kristie

listen to: Gay Boyfriend (UK Remix) by The Hazzards

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