Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass

This week you all know, if you watch Gossip Girl, the notorious Chuck Bass kissed another boy, well before I watched this weeks episode I was on a Gossip Girl sneak preview site and they seriously made it sound like Chuck and this guy were going to have a huge make out session on the show and there were even rumors that in the episode Chuck actually went gay for this boy, which I did not believe because Chuck and Blaire will stay together, yes they will probably break up for about two episodes but they will stay together for there long run, I think. Anyway I showed what I saw to Misty and she thought Chuck was going to make out with this guy too. So when I saw the show on Monday I was a little surprised that it was only a 1 second kiss, after all the fuss. Anyway I really liked it when Chuck said "I’m upset because I kissed someone who wasn’t you. Do you think I’ve never kissed a guy before?" It was so cute because it proves how much his character loves Blaire's character.

xoxo Misty

say, what, you, mean Kristie

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Wanna see some pictures I took

Last weekend I was taking pictures of stuff I wanted to sell for craigslist but I got bored of that so I started taking pictures of my yard, here are my favorite two out of the few I took.

lieing, always, has, costs Kristie

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Can my dreams get any weirder, no I think not

In the past couple months I have had dreams about marrying this guy I totally hate, and I thought those dreams were weird, but two nights ago takes the cake. Okay so in the dream my brothers friend was at our house (and I do in real life find his friend a little cute even though he is only like 13, but do not worry I am not a pettafial.) Anyway but my brother was not there it was just me and his friend. So we started making out (this is a dream fyi) and the guy wanted to go all the way, and I was like no heckin way because one your pretty young and two because I still have my V card and I do not feel like giving it away to you. Then he got pissed and left which made me feel horrible because man a 13 year old said that to me. Then I was with a bunch of people in the dream and I can not remember what happened, but I know there was this tall blond skinny guy with one ear pierced he was about 18 and he was totally hot, but I know no one who looks like this so it was weird because usually the people in dreams are friends, family, celebrities. Anyway I ended up doing the blond guy, but someone apparently saw us and told the other guy, and then the other guy was all pissed. Then I started dating the blond guy. Finally I woke up and was like um wow that is a weird weird weird weird weird dream.

I tried to find a picture of someone that looked like the blond guy in my dream on Google and even though this picture is of an cartoon/anime guy I think it comes pretty darn close to what the dream guy looked like, even the face shape.

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P.S. Thanx for reading today's extra weird post.